Dreamweaver Tutorial – Floating Div Tags in Dreamweaver cs4

Dreamweaver Tutorial - Floating Div Tags in Dreamweaver cs4

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18 responses to “Dreamweaver Tutorial – Floating Div Tags in Dreamweaver cs4”

  1. Espie1979 says:

    what a convoluted way of doing things. Why couldn’t you just copy and paste into a table, done in 5 seconds

  2. jamesetaylor89 says:

    how do float a div tag over an image. I have an image as a background in a wrapper that I want to float some text over in a specific spot (bottom right)

  3. haccuk says:

    Great video as usual. As you are English and I am also, I am not sure that I like the american pronunciation of Advertisement!

  4. DreamWeaverTutorial says:

    if you give a div an id, then you can reference it in the style sheet so if the id is called : div id=”teb” then you would create a style in the style sheet called #teb and then add styles that will only affect elements with the id of teb.

  5. DreamWeaverTutorial says:

    you would use a div with an id when you are using and external style sheet like I do for all of my tutorials and is the best way to go about it. A div with a style is when you want to add css styling directly into the html as an “inline” style. so in between the style=”you would set your css styles;” Sometimes inline styles may be necessary when creating html newsletters or ebay listings. In general it is excellent practice to use an external style sheet for fast site loading.

  6. TEB368 says:

    What’s the difference between a div id=”” and a div style=””? Would the div ID just tell you what the div is, where you would use the div style in the style sheet?

  7. DreamWeaverTutorial says:


  8. MythOfEchelon says:

    Or you could use “margin: 0 auto”, yes?

  9. Siteezy says:

    Great Video, Thanks for the help!

  10. ashisonline100 says:

    i feel like a right div.

  11. manzoor1 says:

    We don’t care about that stupid jeep commercial!!!!

  12. playa4thee says:

    Just watch it, re-watch it & then watch it again as you play with Dreamweaver & you will get it! Good luck!

  13. playa4thee says:

    You The MAN!!! I had been searching, reading and looking for a way to do this & you showed me the way! Thanks 4 taking the time to do this! Awesome Video!

  14. BikeMadBrit says:

    hi guys im really stuck on something
    ive looked and played with dw all day and i just can do this and its just pissing me off big time
    all i want to do it to be able to put pictures onto the design display where i want to put it without disturbing the other pictures next to it ie layers effect sort of thing.
    some one please please please answer to this and just tell me how i can just drag the damn pic onto the location where i want it and no pissing about theman68@hotmail.co.uk thanks every1

  15. crhobbs42 says:

    Holly crap man, you totally saved me in a crunch! Totally lovin on the div tags now! Thanks a million!

  16. DreamWeaverTutorial says:

    im so gutted about that! ive been crying for the last 6 hours in depression. boo hoo ..

  17. sabre0 says:

    What software package did you use to create this video? It looks really good and I need to do something similar.


  18. tamaraelphick says:

    Hellooo @DreamWeaverTutorial was wondering if you could help…

    I’ve created my webpage and want to centre it but haven’t placed everything on each page in 1 div, all my images and text etc are in separate divs. Do i have to transfer them into one div? how would i do this? or is there an another way?!

    pleaseeeeeeeee help me!!

    thanks x

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