Excel Tutorial, Pivot Tables (1 of 3)

Excel Tutorial, Pivot Tables (1 of 3)

Pivot tables: You’ll learn what a Pivot Table is, and how to use one in Excel 2003. One of a series of over 50 free videos. Comprehensive, step-by-step, learning the right way.

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17 responses to “Excel Tutorial, Pivot Tables (1 of 3)”

  1. blackjackwabam says:

    no i don’t see it

  2. MegaMrso says:

    Thx but i still cannot see it.

  3. sonicthefantage1 says:

    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah imm 8 i dont understand any one of those words

  4. MrWucky says:

    The video has a typo in the URL. It’s supposed to be:
    You’re missing the underscore between the t and the 1.

  5. wasteofspace1234 says:

    You have a most remarkable voice…

  6. purpleplush19 says:

    very very helpful!! thank you!!!

  7. nutmeg14609 says:

    Thank you so much. Your instruction make it so easy to follow through. God bless you. Again thanks a lot.

  8. LOLniezle says:


    therightway (DOT) com/downloads/Jersey_Sales_Piv­ot_1.xls

    (there is a mistake in a note on the beginning of the movie: missing underscore between “Pivot” and “1.xls”)

  9. 37no37 says:

    Pickover posed a problem at archery by the numbers. This is really a combinatorial problem — given the 24 numbers taken 5 at a time, which unique combinations add up to 200 generate a list how to do this in excel 2003. help please.

  10. fyfmindaugas says:

    How do I download the worksheet? Can’t see any download button at the bottom of the screen.

  11. podidi30 says:

    what accent do you have? urs might be worse asswhore

  12. Lainsa10 says:

    Fantastic explanation! Very useful!! I really needed to remember how I used to create pivot tables and you were a HUGE HELP!! Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  13. maciasjra22 says:

    Thanks for you’re help, im starting a new job pretty soon where pivot tables are a must and thanks to you i feel prepared enough to step into the ring! kudos!

  14. Heartaken says:

    excellent….. it was really detailed, truly a great guide for a BEGINNER who has NO idea about pivot tables

  15. mynickissourplum says:

    I can’t seems to download the link you mentioned in the video

  16. mynameisucai says:

    learning by doing

  17. rikkilambo says:

    this guy’s accent is so badass!

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