HTML Tutorial 6 – How To Make a Professional Menu Bar

HTML Tutorial 6 - How To Make a Professional Menu Bar

In this video, I will show you how you can make a Professional Looking Menu Bar with HTML and CSS. Stay tuned for Tutorial number 7 as we will be going onto …
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13 responses to “HTML Tutorial 6 – How To Make a Professional Menu Bar”

  1. Epicosity DOTA says:

    how do I set them to the midlle?

  2. Diego Alberto Arguello Ardila says:

    the text “style” Did you save it as .html?

  3. Eobard Thawne says:

    Hey, GB, when are you planning on putting up the seventh video?

  4. teti100teti says:

    Amazing tutorial :)

  5. Vithursan Vithu says:

    Try Sublime Text editor… It is easy to code.. you can download it from
    sublimetext.comtry it you will like it…

  6. geekybench says:

    I know this as well 🙂 Actually, that’s what I use to do most HTML.

  7. Vithursan Vithu says:

    sublimetext google it

  8. Vithursan Vithu says:

    Thank you…☺

  9. geekybench says:

    I personally use Notepad++, I didn’t want to confuse the viewers too much (
    saying get Notepad++ etc.). Thanks for the comment.

  10. Jovan Vasilev says:

    You could use Notepad++ it is way better than regular Notepad and it is
    made for codes. Also it is free.

  11. geekybench says:

    Thank you. Appreciate the sub 🙂

  12. white4392 says:

    good video.keep post ur good video.

  13. MaSn0w says:

    Love the vids! Keep them coming! subbed 😀

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