Hologram After Effects Tutorial

Hologram After Effects Tutorial

For More VFX training check out www.vfxbro.com Send Me Your Responses on Facebook! http Learn how to use the effect seen in Final Cut King’s I am Battle Grams. Included is a tutorial on making this hologram effect Use these concepts to make your own hologram videos. www.facebook.com Download Static Footage on vfxbro.com
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24 responses to “Hologram After Effects Tutorial”

  1. AttackoftheZ says:

    This is epic!!!!!

  2. IshDat1KiD says:

    Holy shit. Doing this shit is a lot easier than I expected.

  3. artist2748 says:

    How do u bring the static to the green screen footage to make them look like robots?

  4. ankoslitoflower says:

    steve jobs didnt. he owned obviously apple, but also pixar. google “pixar render farm” and see what you get. lets not forget he dropped all the mac dedicated hardware and and switched over to intel a few years back. as a side note, industrial light and magic, and all of sonys render farms are pcs too. thats just an observation though.

  5. 99timinator says:

    what is your recording program?

  6. sarmstro1968 says:

    how do you do the mouse and how it turns red effect

  7. EEffectStudio says:

    I love Holograms
    Keep going…
    Check out my videos !!!

  8. dieviervonjl says:

    good boy 🙂

  9. gh5432 says:

    what specifically do you like better?

  10. thevfxbro says:

    oh ya

  11. gh5432 says:

    do you prefer your macbook over a pc?

  12. ComeupCashTv says:

    slow down

  13. thevfxbro says:

    i would advice to upgrade. its not that much money and yhou can install it yourself

  14. bloggieguy says:

    hey vfxbro i noticed you are using a macbook. I have a macbook with 2gb of ram and after effects sometimes goes a little slow. do you think upgrading to 8gb really speeds it up or just a little?

  15. bloggieguy says:

    i think you meant screenflow haha

  16. thevfxbro says:


  17. azzahoor says:

    is ther any aplication usd which show the key depression in the screen or is is it done manually in the post …..

  18. thevfxbro says:

    it could work

  19. Alexis6488 says:

    Can I shoot against a white wall?

  20. xdarknick says:

    you can use any green like cloth that does not reflect alot of light. but remember to have really good lighting so you don’t have any Gray or Dark spots then it would end up looking like crap in your Editing software

  21. ToasterStuder says:

    I am trying to do this effect and I dont have the T option to do Alpha Overlay. How do I add it bro?

  22. kezzyklaas says:

    SUPER bro!

  23. negresiolo says:

    tupac hologram used ur tutorial

  24. futbalissoccer says:

    Hey could you make a tutorial on how to do the effect were a person jumps up in the air and stops then the camera goes around him and then he unfreezes again?

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