iMovie Tutorial

iMovie Tutorial

A brief tutorial on iMovie

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9 responses to “iMovie Tutorial”

  1. kungfootattoo says:

    Dude, Thanks for posting this.. In 10 min. U covered everything I couldn’t figure out.

  2. RockySprints says:

    Dude. You have a really bright future ahead of you.

  3. Foxgun101 says:

    You know what this video shows you? It shows you that a 13-year-old knows more than you.

  4. natalierobert615 says:

    how do you get ilife?

  5. kkevinparkk says:

    does it matter?

  6. kkevinparkk says:

    nicely done

  7. Bobbiedottv says:

    Yay! I made a video! Thanks for blazing through the basics!

  8. badassandrew117 says:

    ugh, how do i get i movie???????

  9. nwj82 says:

    Sheesh, at least it wasnt just me.

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