C# Visual Studio 2012 Creating a Basic Calculator

C# Visual Studio 2012 Creating a Basic Calculator

http://bit.ly/15cO6V8 This is a tutorial to show you ow to create a basic calculator within visual studio 2012 C#! join the Facebook group to stay in touch a…

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10 responses to “C# Visual Studio 2012 Creating a Basic Calculator”

  1. Gneum Sothearith says:

    please show me how to create Username and Password with C# visual studio 2012

  2. Drlaptop Kulim says:

    thanks : great video

  3. Duy Tran Ba says:

    look at maybe so easy but it’s hard coding 🙁

  4. John Taylor says:

    Good tutorial but it would have been so much better if you spoke. They keyboard drumming was a little annoying.

  5. Sn1pElR says:

    great tutorial but when I double click the + button my visual express loads a screen similar to what yours loaded but at the same time a little different then what yours loaded and as a first time (as in just started programming today I literally can just barely use this program) programmer ignored it because it was only slightly different and tried typing in float where you did and the program said that it was not a command so if you need me to i can take a screenshot on my computer showing u

  6. Đạt Ngô Trí says:

    wow , install both vs 2010 & vs2012

  7. Jesse Austin says:

    Great tutorial, but I don’t understand one thing though. You have a mic, I can hear you typing on the keyboard throughout the whole tutorial. Why not just explain with your voice as you go along instead of talking breaks to type stuff into word? Then you wouldn’t have to split screen and we would be able to see what you are doing in Visual Studio a lot easier.

  8. BigO4691 says:

    This was great for a first time user of C#. Thanks.

  9. cheeropappa says:

    how to make a message box, for example if we don’t input the textbox2?

  10. GreatVideos8 says:

    i have
    reqwest its very hard did you have antoehr program like pika software BUilder !

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