Lightroom Tutorial: Importing RAW Files

Lightroom Tutorial: Importing RAW Files

A tutorial was requested on how to import RAW files, so I decided to throw a quick one together for you guys. Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to stop by my website

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17 responses to “Lightroom Tutorial: Importing RAW Files”

  1. EktailounteGraikyloi says:

    i have done it 100 times man an still says that the file is damaged……why?? i have a nikon d5100

  2. 86sidhartha says:

    Thanks… it really helped me.

  3. banditdog32 says:

    Thanks very much for this tutorial. It has helped me so much. Well done!!

    Thanks again from Spain ( ibiza)


  4. overether says:

    Sometimes you sound like Ben Stiller…
    Also, great tutorial. Thank you.

  5. presleyj1 says:

    I got the import fine, but it seems to be exporting the files the same size as the fine jpegs? How do i fix this?

  6. kmedina419 says:

    you have to select the photo and right click (iam a pc guy lol )and go to edit in Lightroom

  7. rugfoot says:

    That person probably asked about importing RAW because they are not the same as importing normal files. So this hasn’t been much use I’m afraid. I have some RAW files and I can’t get them into LR.

  8. FlyWire14 says:

    this didn’t work for me i have w7….. :'(

  9. nerdsneedmoney says:

    How did you get the misty water action in your photo? Slow shutter speed?

  10. jawnos1 says:

    i have RAW files in iphoto but when i try to import them from iphoto it will not let me, it shows all of the jpegs but none of the raw files, do you know how i can fix this?
    please help

  11. Remiss63 says:

    Good straightforward explanation of importing to Lightroom 2.

  12. Morningsidenursery says:

    I am no longer able to open RAW files in my lightroom, Its says unsupported or damaged, What can I do to get my RAW files to open in lightroom? Thanx for your tutorial.

  13. algoenz says:

    I really like the picture in the background lol. but this is a good tutorial tho

  14. thecardz says:

    Great video – tempted to purchase LR, hope it’s as easy to use as you make it look

  15. favorablyimpressed says:

    Excellent.  Great info.

  16. BustedShutter says:

    thanks! felt a little rushed…as always…but hopefully this helps…

  17. MYSTICASALLY says:

    very helpful!
    I saved on my bookmarks your website as well…

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