Lightroom tutorial Selective colouring

Lightroom tutorial Selective colouring

Adobe lightroom selective colouring tutorial
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14 responses to “Lightroom tutorial Selective colouring”

  1. TheVjay86 says:

    There is more red on the left bottom of the page.. how would you remove that?

  2. oceansofwords says:

    Hey nice tutorial. Can u tell me what if we have two objects of same color and we just want to eliminate the color of one? How do we do that in Lightroom??

  3. twoherons says:

    that was easy to follow and I practiced in LR as I watched ..thank you

  4. ninjaspion says:

    OH, everything makes sense now, clever program, I might not need it, but it seems very useful now. thanks for the outstanding explanation sir.

  5. dude2106 says:

    Photoshop is more advanced editing, really. But Lightroom can do most you will ever need, it does it very well and it is easy to use. It also manages your photos better. In photoshop you open a file, then you edit and then you save it. In lightroom you open a file and you edit it, but the edits aren’t stored on the original file, so you keep the original photo and the edited file don’t take up very much space because it only stores what you have changed, not the photo it self.

  6. MrGreedys says:

    thank you

  7. ninjaspion says:

    I don’t want to create any kind of rage, but… why would I use Lightroom if I have Photoshop? Can someone please explain?

  8. merritolson says:

    Thanks alot. Very easy to follow and excellent results! I appreciate your taking the time to do this for us to learn.

  9. ls1z28chris says:

    I hope you googled this info and found it on your own, but I’ll reply just in case.

    Just select “Export” under the “File” menu. You can select for various factors, such as dpi and metadata, as well as choose a destination location on your hard drive. Once you have your settings selected, you can just use “Export with previous.” I’d tell you the hotkeys, but I’m on a Mac and I don’t want to confuse you if you use Windows.

  10. TheVideoAddicted says:


  11. joRdaNpaul19 says:

    love it!


    Great vid man keep it up

  13. fionapigpig says:

    Very good tutorial! But there’s still the colour in the labe

  14. fionapigpig says:

    Very good tutoria

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