Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP Tutorial

Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP Tutorial

MORE INFO AT – Learn how to look up values in Microsoft Excel using the VLOOKUP function
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19 responses to “Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP Tutorial”

  1. timjdesm says:

    what a great video! I have been trying to remember how to do a vlookup for the last hour and a half…i came accross this video via a co worker..and I was amazed, it to less that to minute to do.

  2. MissDjBrBr says:

    thank you so damn much. saved my gcse man!!!

  3. meka064 says:

    it was helpful thankx

  4. ccvisuals says:

    Cool, very to the point

  5. bezgeo85 says:

    i was confused about vlookup and i was looking for a vlookup formula explanation. that is an easy and really helpfull video. thanks for the help!

  6. younglihying says:

    Thank heavens for people who do tutorial videos!!! Thanks so much for posting this!!!

  7. benampofo says:

    How formula works was explained in simple steps. Easy to undersand. Great job!

  8. hungrycollegekid says:

    Thank you!!! I owe you a beer!!!

  9. MrJulke says:

    great video, easy to understand.. thx

  10. Lodzau10 says:

    Great video. I’m an admin person and I’ve been asked twice (in my 10 years of working) if I could do Vlookup which I couldn’t, I never got taught but this told me what it is and how to do it. Thanks for the informative and easy to understand video.

  11. mandeepptk says:

    Simple and to the point training you can ever see for Vlookup function. After seeing this videos I completed the difficult task in minutes which previously take 30mins to 1 hour time. Thanks for sharing this video

  12. salengwaza says:

    wow,superb,thanks for helping me out on lookup

  13. mahfoozrni says:

    it is very useful to clear the fundamental of vlookup.

  14. MrVman769 says:

    LOVE THIS!!!

  15. nhgh0208 says:

    Hey I need a little bit of advice on vlookup but am fairly green to the internet highway. Are you the person giving the tutorial?. If so can I ask you for some advice? If not can you tell me how to get a response for my questions? I can’t seem to get past other peoples blogs, call me a dumbass but any advice would be good.

  16. vcodio says:

    Great Vid… I am having an issue where only part of the data populates. I.E I have two files one with 5000 records and an other with 200 records. I need to match some of the fields, however, only about 125 are updating. I am certain all 200 records should be available. I have converted the unique indicator by copy/multiply by 1….. what am I missing? Thank you!

  17. habbobaby1 says:

    bill’s more interested in the beautiful things in life…

  18. Jetrothull says:

    thank you, your tip is helpful.

  19. drew202k says:

    great video

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