XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 27 – Background Images

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 27 - Background Images

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18 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 27 – Background Images”

  1. Rob Nashed says:

    un organized doesnt have bullets or numbers organized has them.

  2. thecatatonix96 says:

    It’s really just a styling thing as far as we have learnt. Ordered lists are numbered instead of bullet points.

  3. SSimplyxLegit says:

    Puts food in a list. Spices the list up abit. HA.

  4. LittleBigMuslimsTV says:

    people please answer my quistion 🙂
    I know the oganized and the un-oganized lists
    but .. what is different between them??

  5. blandninja says:

    bullet holes lol

  6. DanVideoGames says:

    Bitches didn’t make a triangle option for bullet points, I refuse to make a website.

  7. jason33666 says:

    im beting ther japanis numbers cuz katkana is japanis

  8. B1KMusic says:

    they are japanese. Katakana is a japanese word

  9. armstrongdrob says:

    not to burst your bubble but walruses or walri live in the south pole.

  10. xCh3aZy says:

    It’s “a”, “i”, “u”, which are three characters used in the Japanese Katakana alphabet. In Japanese there are three writing systems, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Katakana is used for foreign words.

  11. twenty4play says:

    Incorrect… the characters were A (ah), I (ee), U (ooh)… essentially the beginning of the Japanese Katakana syllabary – their equivalent of the ABC’s.

  12. AndroidT01187 says:

    Iknow most of you aren’t going to read this, but next weak I turn 14, and I want to become a walrus. I know there’s millions of people out there, but I PROMISE I am different.
    On May 8th, I am moving to the north Pole, home of the greatest walrus. I’ve already chopped off my arms, and now I slide on my stomach everywhere I go as training.
    I may not be a walrus yet, but I promise you that if you subscribe to me, I will become the greatest walrus EVER!!!

  13. dby314 says:

    change the title of this video please
    from “Background Images” to “Styling Un-ordered Lists”

  14. ConfidentialAttendee says:

    I can speak and read Japanese so I know that katakana is Japanese. Those characters do not have meanings they just represent sounds. the ones that are on this video are “a”, “i”, and “u” because thous are the first three words in the katakana alphabet.

  15. Sas00Debeli says:

    ur the best teacher ever 😉

  16. MortalWarz says:


  17. HurtfulProductions says:

    @NaturalisPhaenomena Yes but it happens the the characters where a, i and u. Here is a link (realkana(dot)com/katakana/) that it shows that they are base sounds that are used in katakana.

  18. NaturalisPhaenomena says:

    They are “Tsu”, “Ka”, “Ga”, etc. because Asia used pictograms, not a regular one character alphabet. They have a few single character sounds, however, they are mostly used when it comes to english adapted words. The reason we see them as two characters is because we translate from another writing system.
    Ex: (こ=Ko) (ん=n’ (Single Character, remember it is only a sound) (に=ni) (ち=chi) (は=wa) = roughly translates to Hello. Kon’nichiwa.

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