3ds Max Tutorial | The Best Car Lighting and Render Setup

3ds Max Tutorial | The Best Car Lighting and Render Setup

Hey YouTube! Here in this video I show you the lighting and the entire render setup for a car render. You can replace the car, but it looks really good with cars. Hope you like it If you do, be sure to hit the like button down below and Subscribe! Tons of new video coming up! Thanks for watching!
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14 responses to “3ds Max Tutorial | The Best Car Lighting and Render Setup”

  1. FaceTheVenom says:

    You can use the Vray sun. Just keep it at the same altitude and then move it around. That way it won’t change color too much.

  2. solvan says:

    Help me out. What type of light can i use to replicate the lighting from the sun. The VraySun seems a little too intense and changes color due to position. Any ideas?

  3. FaceTheVenom says:

    I’m not sure how to do it myself!
    That is probably the most difficult task to do, because you have to look into HDRIs and stuff. But as far as I can remember there is a pretty decent tutorial on how to do that on cgtuts+. Google it 🙂

  4. solvan says:

    Can you do a tutorial on composing a car, photorealistically, on an exterior location and not in a studio, without Keyshot? I need your help?

  5. FaceTheVenom says:

    Hey, I just saw you posted some questions on my videos about your command panel being moved?
    I’ll tell you what, whenever you have such questions, always comment using either the comment box, or reply to any of my comments. NEVER reply to someone else’s (or even your own) comment, because then I cannot know if someone has commented 🙂

  6. FaceTheVenom says:

    Okay, I’ve heard of HDR Light Studio but never used it. I’ll give it a try! I’m sure I’ll find a trial version somewhere. Thanks!
    I’ve tried ActiveShade too, and you are right, it does helpwith the reflections. In fact, that was how I fine-tuned the lights you see in the video 🙂

  7. Biolo2 says:

    I just like your idea, for your kind of renderings I recomend using the HDRI studio PRO. Check it out, also even tho you have slow pc, try using active shade. That way you will see your lights in real time.

  8. typek747 says:

    Thank you so much 🙂 it´s really much much better 🙂

  9. TheAwesomecool5 says:

    fount how to do it!

  10. TheAwesomecool5 says:

    my command panel has been moved somehow plz can you tell mel how to fix it!?

  11. FaceTheVenom says:

    You could try raising the Light subdivs multiplier from 8 to 16 or maybe something higher. It will negatively impact the render time, but I’m sure it’ll solve the soft shadow problem. If it doesn’t work out, PM or comment here, and I’ll cross check each and every setting for you again 🙂
    What’s funny is, i used to have the same problem, but I don’t exactly remember what I did that solved the problem XD It’s like it solved itself once I got satisfied from my renders 😀 Just kidding.

  12. FaceTheVenom says:

    Okay, those are some tips that I will make sure I use in my future videos. BTW, it takes 30 mins because my computer is awfully old 😀 Just 2GB RAM!
    The reason I use this system of lights is to replicate a real studio as closely as I can. It actually is a real studio I saw in a city. The three lights on the top help give the car interesting reflections, and the one strangely inclined is for global illumination 🙂

  13. typek747 says:

    Really good tutorial 🙂 Thanks.. But I have a problem with shadows. I don´t know why but shadows aren´t so smooth like in your video. All setting I have same as you. My shadows are so unreal. Do you know where is problem? Please…

  14. Biolo2 says:

    Not bad, its a good idea to use that gradient in such way.

    But I dont think that scaling lights is a good idea, I have red somewhere that It can make your prysicaly correct lights go bonkers. Just juse the sliders to adjust the size.

    30 min on one frame is quite a lot for that kind of render and rez, your video is helpful but you just say what you use instead of why. Helpful tho.

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