Illustrator: Easy Swirls and Spirals – Tutorial

Illustrator: Easy Swirls and Spirals - Tutorial

How to easily make swirls and spirals in Adobe Illustrator. Website: For web design, print design, brand design or illustration se…
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17 responses to “Illustrator: Easy Swirls and Spirals – Tutorial”

  1. NitekMuscle says:

    Excellent, as it demonstrated the technique and wasn’t excessively wordy.

  2. GicaEric says:

    Thanks mate.

  3. Hodad3000 says:

    Really good. Thank You.

  4. Adnan Jamal says:

    Thank you very much

  5. Yellow Dogg Designs says:

    I appreciate the tutorial but could you PLEASE speak a little louder on
    future tutorials??

  6. Jeff G says:

    Easy and taught me something very useful thanks :)

  7. Wolver ine says:

    Hey thanks for the tutorial….so simple to do. Turns out heaps better than
    trying to do it with the pen tool.

  8. Tom Roylance says:

    Perfect. Thanks.

  9. HISPANA SIGNS says:

    Simple and easy. Thankyou!

  10. Sean Erdrich says:

    If you’re in CS5, couldn’t you also use the tool for varying the width of
    the stroke? or would that be too inconsistent? (I just got CS5, still used
    to CS3)

  11. David Sivits says:

    What if I told you I knew nothing about Illustrator (this is a basic
    tutorial) and was lost several times during this tutorial?

  12. LorenStevens says:

    Mine are cuter! pfff!

  13. NitekMuscle says:

    One of the most concise and understandable tutorials I’ve come across…

  14. Abazkoro Grievera says:

    Owwwhhh ~~~ thnk you so much !

  15. Miguel Gonzales says:

    how do you do this in illustrator cs6?

  16. Rose Bush says:

    What software does he use? One thing, though: I wonder how many people have
    noticed but many of the people speaking in You Tube videos sound as if they
    are going off to sleep. Why can’t they sound a little livelier? I would
    also like to see a video showing a spiral rotating inside a dark circle.

  17. Zoleeka52 says:

    cheers for the helpful tutorial

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