C# Tutorial – 17 – Indexers

C# Tutorial - 17 - Indexers

This C# tutorial lives at: www.programmingvideotutorials.com The video covers C# indexers. This tutorial is now available as a book: Hardcopy & Kindle: amzn.com Epub: www.smashwords.com

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4 responses to “C# Tutorial – 17 – Indexers”

  1. gameking008 says:

    i was wondering how
    string s = “abc”;
    char c = s[x];
    worked, thank you.

  2. iostream71 says:

    Can you access multiple arrays like how properties can have multiple fields? If so, how would that work? Something like this:

    class MyClass

    object[] data = new object[10];
    object[] data2 = new object[10];

    public int this[int i]

  3. czarkefa80 says:

    Thank you! Never heard it explained sooo clearly, please keep up the great work!

  4. TimexXaio03 says:


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