Fireworks Tutorial Create a Rollover Navigation Bar

Fireworks Tutorial Create a Rollover Navigation Bar http In this tutorial we will create up and down states for our rollover buttons, then we will export the buttons for use in Dreamweaver. This tutorial is in CS4 however webmasters using CS3 can follow along. _____________________________________________________________________________ Please Rate, Subscribe and Comment —————————————————— Follow Helpvid
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8 responses to “Fireworks Tutorial Create a Rollover Navigation Bar”

  1. Mr2018TV says:

    can you just create navbar when your making your site instead of doing it separate

  2. shain2501 says:

    I want to know that how to do that, on the page I’m currently to be shown.

  3. jonjono100 says:

    Great video, and spoken well so I could understand clearly. Thank you.

  4. TheCompuRoss says:

    Always good to hear another scottish accent on youtube 🙂

  5. RichellesNana says:

    My whole website has a rollover now

  6. cdmarkandu says:

    This is an excellent tutorial! Thank you very much!

  7. MorticonTibiaML says:

    pretty long way to do it, but the tutorial is ok 🙂 thumbs up

  8. thebluetrinity says:

    Thanks, you really helped me understand this.

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