Part 65 – C# Tutorial – Indexers in c#

Part 65 - C# Tutorial - Indexers in c#

The HTML and the code used in the demo, can be found at the link below.…
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5 responses to “Part 65 – C# Tutorial – Indexers in c#”

  1. kudvenkat says:

    Thank you very much for taking time to give feedback. In the description of
    this video, I have included the link for ASP .NET, C#, and SQL Server
    playlists. All the videos are arranged in logical sequence in these
    playlists, which could be useful to you. Please share the link with your
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  2. jnaras says:

    Hi Venkat, Thanks a lot. Great job. You explained indexers in a very simple
    way. Thanks Naras.

  3. Martin Endršt says:

    You want to be carefult with the FirstOrDefault expression tho. If
    FirstOrDefault does not find object by the given filter, it will return
    null, and as you are accessing Name property directly theres chance of
    getting NullReferenceException. You would probably want to add some logic
    to make sure the returned object is not null

  4. Aakash Guragai says:


  5. Thomas Gabriel says:

    Thanks a ton.

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