Floating Div Tags :: Dreamweaver Tutorial

Floating Div Tags :: Dreamweaver Tutorial

www.helpvid.net http After watching this tutorial you will have a better understanding of Div tags. In this Dreamweaver tutorial we will play around with Div tags to give you a better understanding of the Div Tag and its relationship with CSS. We will show different methods used to enter div tags, through the common toolbar and we will also show it using the hand coding method. I will demonstrate the float attribute and will also show how to clear an element.
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12 responses to “Floating Div Tags :: Dreamweaver Tutorial”

  1. Tim Griffiths says:

    I have been searching for a day or two on divs, but you’re the only person who went into the CSS and messed around with the div settings, excellent.

  2. quasiquasi111 says:

    You have a natural teaching ability. Excellent explanations. Thank you so much.

  3. kinGLebo1 says:

    Amazing video, very clear and straight forward, even though you could have used keyboard shortcuts on things like Copy + Paste to make the video short, cos i assume everyone using this software doesn’t need to be shown how to copy and paste.

  4. halgurdyserkesh says:

    cheers, good tuttor, only the back ground on darck abit bathering me , any way , thank you very much, my not only for next time.

  5. drumzz777 says:

    great vid..

  6. Siteezy says:

    Good Tutorial

  7. buckmajor says:

    Thanks a lot. I forgotten the basic of how to drop the div box beneath each other lol.
    Much appreciated.

    CHEERS 🙂

  8. manukhan1987 says:

    hi i cant place my digs where I want for example I want them to be fixed so when I zoom in and out in header it remains with body but it goes to the left. Also I want in the header on the right hand side central another div where I can put the contact info same prinsiple can work it out help

  9. philismint88 says:

    You have just saved my university course. It’s Wednesday now and I need to hand in a completed website and a 5000 word dissertation on Friday morning. Without this tutorial, I would probably not have had a chance of doing it on time.

    THANK YOU!!! Absolute lifesaver 🙂

  10. felipeslava says:

    very clear and useful, thanks!

  11. scottycode says:

    Nice One, Thank You.

  12. Franceskini81 says:


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