Microsoft Excel #01: Introduction to Excel

Microsoft Excel #01: Introduction to Excel

This is my first in a series of tutorials for Microsoft Excel. This will introduce some of the basic concepts and then demonstrate a couple practical uses.
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8 responses to “Microsoft Excel #01: Introduction to Excel”

  1. maddy65959 says:

    Thanx this thing is really helpful :))

  2. diRTyNeEcH says:

    is that kevin smith on the bottom right corner?

  3. mrmagill says:

    Thanks for this, I’m a computer tech teacher and this will be helpful for my older students. Keep up the good work!

  4. 25sep1988 says:

    thanku..very helpful for the beginners

  5. 55utahman says:

    Nice tutorial. Thanks. FYI, the greek symbol for Sum is a Sigma, not an Epsilon.

  6. HonorValorIntegrity says:

    That button is not epsilon, it is sigma…

  7. eyfhsdksd says:

    Why not use Libreoffice instead of advertising proprietary standards????

  8. TruthofDilly says:

    I think you’re very kind for doing this…many thanks mate!

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