XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 1 – Downloading a Text Editor

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 1 - Downloading a Text Editor

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20 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 1 – Downloading a Text Editor”

  1. YouandMeDFTBA says:

    Notepad++ is def the best.

  2. Cinovox says:

    “We are going to need a programme called a text editor” *face palm* I felt like a kid on the first day of school ;)

  3. gauravdawg says:

    same here man… 🙂

  4. gauravdawg says:

    yea the moment when u try to do advanced stuff and realize that u dont know shit…

  5. The X Stanmarshk says:

    macs should get TextWrangler

  6. sheezy132 says:

    so good :]

  7. raladin3dd says:

    I wanted to learn PHP but i had to watch HTML 5 first then I heard that you need XHTML so am back to square one XD

  8. quequequenananana says:

    Isnt convenient to use an IDE that can detect errors? If we create a page with 10.000 lines of code and we have one error we will be years for finding it…

  9. Alexhoanghtd says:

    LOL! I though it was siren in my place XD

  10. i3FINISHEDALREADY3i says:

    You have a lot of recommendations

  11. lherby93 says:


  12. ayershov777 says:

    No they are both very different.

  13. ayershov777 says:

    The difference between HTML5 and XHTML is that in HTML5, it has a lot more styling options, that way you don’t need to use CSS. Or so I believe.

  14. vampirelower says:

    nod32 keys?

  15. kojocel says:

    Starcraft 2 – best shortcut on a webdesigner student desktop.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. cdolorne says:

    HAHA 😀 I will watch all these tutorials….+ Javascript.

  17. EroticDrop says:

    86 tutorials before i can start learning HTM5, challenge accepted.

  18. aaa231445 says:

    is it online

  19. lherby93 says:

    …and do you really need CSS if you have JavaScript, i mean aren’t they the same???

  20. lherby93 says:

    Is there really a difference among HTML, HTML5, and XHTML?

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