3ds max lighting tutorial with mental-ray part2

3ds max lighting tutorial with mental-ray part2

Hello friends, this is my very first tutorial. I wanted to create this for CGTUTS but i couldn’t that’s why i am uploading this tutorial here, In this tutori…
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19 responses to “3ds max lighting tutorial with mental-ray part2”

  1. Emilija Sajic says:

    I HAVE A PROBLEM! I change set up like in your tutorials, and something
    with gamma is change and i cant found what is it. Now all is very bright
    and render is all black, I didin”t see anithing!

  2. Guilherme Nunes Fontes says:

    Hi, good tutorial!! please i would like to know, what material do you use
    in reflection map??

  3. HalluMihar says:


  4. Doriana Teng says:

    can i know how u find bevel profile in bevel list?

  5. Bartje Ostend says:

    this traffic outside should make me crazy 🙂

  6. Constantin Ionut says:

    what snaps do you use for garnish ?cuz i keep getting parts of the garnish
    on the floor and parts of it on the celling T_T

  7. kotianashit says:

    @laske87 go to the render opton or press F10( if u have a default key
    settings)……a small window pops out…….scroll down and press the
    assingn renderer option…..then change the production setting to mental ray

  8. KaratePilz says:

    holy shit where do you live? i never discovered a place where cars honk
    THAT much^^

  9. prodesigner24x7 says:

    Hello dinninuyo, Sorry for noise my friends

  10. IPINALUGO says:

    hey man i really learned a lot from your tutorial!!! you’re awesome!! do
    you know anything about adding caustic effects??

  11. Constantin Ionut says:

    is it normal for a final render to take 165 hours ? , and the lenght of the
    video will be like 15 mins . can someone please help me , i don’t know what
    to do , isn’t there a solution to shorten the time ?

  12. jackass3827 says:

    hi, in which city are u from india? i llbe coming tomorrow to india and
    which to do some few lessons!do u teach sometimes?thanks

  13. nilesh mistry says:

    Great ……Your tutorial Is Really Helpful, I Just Start 3d max…So It Is
    Very Useful For Me & More Others Too,Keep It UP….Thanks A lot.

  14. Bojan Lazicic says:

    hi people! I came to the material but I do not see the option “Arch +
    design mental ray” (that red), the menu is standard, and when I open it
    there is no Arch + design! Where can I find? help me please 🙂 by the way
    tutorial is great!!!

  15. ivateofilova says:

    Thank you, you’re really saving my life with this one here! That’s exactly
    the tutorial I needed. So once again thanks for all the parts of the video.

  16. prodesigner24x7 says:

    hahaha, oh!, i will take care of that next time. Thanks.

  17. prodesigner24x7 says:

    @IPINALUGO Hi there, It’s called deviations, When you import the object in
    3ds max, one panel will come up, there is an option in that panel called
    deviations, (down to weld vertices option), minimum numbers will increase
    the smoothness and curves steps of the object. Note : Do check your scale
    settings while typing deviation units. Regards JAI jaigoel@live.com

  18. tm shl says:

    Great tutorial – very straightforward and useful!! Thanks guy.

  19. nanokx says:

    its easy to render when i create model house in autocad..?

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