Basic HTML Tutorial

Basic HTML Tutorial

This is a very basic HTML tutorial.
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19 responses to “Basic HTML Tutorial”

  1. bridgemendelianbtf says:

    thanks for uploading the video. for anyone who is having some HTML trouble, you can learn much easier with the site easyhtml . net. it’s how I learned to build my own site. i hope it helps!

  2. htme51 says:

    Thanx alot.

  3. meganew2 says:

    Is there anyway we can put in a newpage?Or a template?

  4. sluffer646 says:

    how to you put hyper links into an HTML document?

  5. jjackblue says:

    how do you open a website when some thing is clicked

  6. niall2552 says:

    missed a week of college studying business management, we have a computer class that shows us how to properly use word/excell ect but for the last week we were doing html. i missed this week and have a test on it tomorrow. i cant study just notes about it, doesnt make sense, but this simple example helped me make sence, thanks!

  7. lplieutenant says:

    great job dude. Really appreciate it. I uploaded my files to a freewebs site and then put a link or a button to my personal webpage

  8. oOTechWizardOo says:

    Hit the shift button (it’s an arrow pointing upwords on my keyboard) and then hit the number 2 (in the list of number above the letters).

  9. oOTechWizardOo says:

    You must style the link using CSS.

  10. oOTechWizardOo says:

    No mike. 🙂

  11. oOTechWizardOo says:

    You must upload your files to a hosting service.

  12. bjkhooligan1903 says:

    thank you you tutorial is very good 5*****

  13. Seedcovers says:

    I loved you tutorial, very simple and straight to the point!


  14. Chubs1995 says:

    how do i put it on internet?

  15. kdmq says:

    you probably mistyped the html

  16. habi8 says:

    :'( it didn’t worked for me
    I did exacly what you did and still didn’t worked!
    when I open the file in internet explorer, it stays in blank, and it says “Done”

  17. cozerox says:

    but how to put it on the internet

  18. itsdanny83 says:

    thanks man this helped a lot but when you do the youtube link how do you get it to open in its own window?

  19. lucholau says:

    nice intro, but it would better if add your voice ;-)

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