HTML Tutorial for Beginners – part 2 of 4

HTML Tutorial for Beginners - part 2 of 4 How to make a website HTML Tutorial – Basics. This is the second in a series of videos designed to teach the basics of HTML. This video will introduce the break tag, the paragraph tag, and heading tags. It will also show an easy way to test the various HTML tags. This tutorial is based on XHTML version 1.0.

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12 responses to “HTML Tutorial for Beginners – part 2 of 4”

  1. megasroman says:

    Excellent in the way you talk the way you teach the way you refresh my mind

  2. Shenea1000 says:

    I’m taking an online web publsihing class and these tutorials are REALLY helping me out!! Thanks so much!!

  3. xb00mdeeboomx says:

    I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to teach me but he keeps saying,”I dunno how to explain it,” lol. This is fantastic, thank you for posting!

  4. Sylinic says:

    Fucking AMAZING tutorial, and teacher. Really, really refreshing to see such professional videos with such clear and precise speech. I was starting to think all YouTube had was teenage neckbeards with horrible microphones.

  5. gailkristian says:

    Thanks to this tutorial bro 🙂
    You’re much better than my professor in html :3

  6. wowgetthis says:

    Thank you again for a superb video, you’re a great teacher!

  7. lolydodo123 says:

    Great tutorials!

  8. balu g says:

    Thank you veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much

  9. bassheadja88 says:

    thank you so much!!

  10. SpencaVideos says:

    Im only 13 and learning to code using lua and html! i feel special :3

  11. yourulelego says:

    me too only started and ive learned very quickly Thumbs up if you agree

  12. TheRavikumar1988 says:

    very good thx for teaching..

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