How to Play Firework by Katy Perry Piano Tutorial

How to Play Firework by Katy Perry Piano Tutorial

Interested in complete, longer lessons? Newly recorded lessons available on DVD and streaming online video! Intro 1 Verse 1 2:14 Chorus 3:52 Verse 2 Chorus Bridge 8:07 Chorus Piano tutorial – watch and learn how to play Firework by Katy Perry on piano

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15 responses to “How to Play Firework by Katy Perry Piano Tutorial”

  1. jazz purr says:

    a fat child with the brain and mouth of an adult..?give the guy a break its just a piano lesson

  2. LibbyRoxUrSox1 says:

    Or they just have fat hands?

  3. Zoe Giandomenico says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo confusing

  4. wadup6767 says:

    Stop beat boxing!

  5. Daniel Leonard says:

    Yh your right.. Lol, just realised, i looked on this wrong version of her my apologise.. Great tutorial 🙂

  6. anna willis says:

    actually its Katy Perry . . . 

  7. britt234997 says:

    The awkward moment when it is spelled Katy Perry…

  8. Daniel Leonard says:

    It’s Spelt Katie Perry- Apart from that Bravo my young friend :)

  9. Gloria Leafshine says:


  10. musicpro888 says:

    you and i by lady gaga

  11. miss99jodie says:

    you could be happy – snow patrol!

  12. whoisme358 says:

    Taylor Swift – safe and sound

  13. ExpL0siiv3 says:

    Adele – set fire to the raiinnn !!!!

  14. xfkjdlksa says:

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  15. JOOTMGTAAOY says:

    the dvd is only to be bought in dollars, but i live in the netherlands, i only have euros. possible to pay in euros too?

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