HTML5 and CSS3 Beginner Tutorial 1 – Introduction, + downloading the software

HTML5 and CSS3 Beginner Tutorial 1 - Introduction, + downloading the software

In this video I just go over what you’ll need to follow along with the rest of the tutorials. I also explain what HTML5 and CSS3 are, just in case you didn’t…
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25 responses to “HTML5 and CSS3 Beginner Tutorial 1 – Introduction, + downloading the software”

  1. Abhishek Chatterjee says:

    Thanks a lot man. Loved the series. Will learn JavaScript next.

  2. Skullywagsdb says:

    so i can use the css style part on dreamweaver or….

  3. ProgrammersCreed says:

    I used CamStudio for this video, when I edited it in windows movie maker I
    saved it as 1080p, but they qaulity is not that great. In my JavaScript
    series I moved over to Camtasia studio which is much higher quality but has
    a built in editor that only saves in 720p.

  4. Stefan Banu says:

    what software you use for recording your screen? and how did you recorded
    at 1080p?Thanks

  5. Reetam Bhattacharjee says:

    Thank you sir for this kind of help and good work. We wishing much more
    help come from a great man like you sir… Thanks again…

  6. ProgrammersCreed says:

    Thanks. I promise they get even better. 🙂

  7. David Bland says:

    Awesome tutorial, I hope the rest are like this.:) Thankyou very much and
    I’ll keep you updated on how I find go.

  8. Melissa A. Davis says:

    These are great tutorials in HTML5 and CSS3, they really helped me out in
    basic web scripting class. Thanks so much, I greatly appreciate these….;)

  9. Olsi Zotaj says:

    Great Tutorial

  10. xDakitoy says:

    whats the difference between notepad++ and text wrangler?

  11. bzeurunkl says:

    Websots? 😉

  12. adamxasset says:

    Hey, Adam here from CT. Need to connect with a good developer, can we make

  13. xlift t says:

    Im from SA aswell:) subscribed! awesome tutorial!

  14. ProgrammersCreed says:

    I am 🙂

  15. Sam Mills says:

    You sound South African 🙂 subbed.thanks.

  16. Md Arif Uddin says:

    i havent even watched 1 full min of this vdo but decided to give u a thank
    for this first…

  17. ProgrammersCreed says:

    I planned the series so that anybody without prior knowledge of HTML may go
    ahead with this series. So please continue from here. 🙂

  18. Jeffery yuan says:

    *HTML5 and CSS3 Beginner tutorials*
    HTML5 and CSS3 Beginner Tutorial 1 – Introduction, + downloading the

  19. techt338 says:

    Should i learn HTML first and then watch your HTML5 and CSS3 series?

  20. Gabriel Jacob says:

    Hi sir. You are very helpful in teaching us freely. You are awesome. The
    way of teaching is excellent. God bless you.

  21. menkooomigen says:

    notepad++ for writing html.. that’s pretty disgusting IMO. Looking forward
    to going through the tutorial but I’ll be using fucking Vim!!

  22. fanreymysterio619 says:

    when i minimize your videos they always to go part1 xD

  23. Ray Mark Roland says:

    hi! sir can you teach me how to create a multiple page that the header and
    menu bar did not disappear. thanks..

  24. Katrina Esther says:

    Hehe. I was just teasing. I wish the show was still on. We could both apply
    to be guest stars. 🙂

  25. ProgrammersCreed says:

    LOL. I wish I was that talented. 🙂 … Wrong country though, I am from
    South Africa, they are from New Zealand.

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