iMovie App for iPad 2 – Quick Video Tutorial

iMovie App for iPad 2 - Quick Video Tutorial

This is a quick video tutorial showing you how easy it is to edit video clips you have captured with your iPad 2. You can click here to see the actual video edited in the iMovie video. Make sure you see my other iPad 2 videos..
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11 responses to “iMovie App for iPad 2 – Quick Video Tutorial”

  1. zblog68 says:

    It’s a load of rubbish I can’t upload videos and can’t find a way to stop my photos moving so I miss half the pic waste of money

  2. TheTechyTuts says:

    so would you recommend this app? is it worth it?

  3. caitlynw24 says:

    watch my imovie trailer, leave a comment and tell me if the outline was any good. (i already know the content was cheesy and dumb lol)

  4. jon michaels says:

    i am confused. i have a gopro and i shot some movies with the gopro and then used the camera connector to upload the footage from the sdcard to my ipad and then was able to edit it on my ipad. so I am confused by you not being able to up load?

  5. gwyneth200026 says:


  6. shufrek says:

    So, can you buy a video on itunes and use it in IMovie or can you only use the videos you took with the camera?

  7. Braehawk says:

    @dankradsud I’ve played around with it quite a bit and I haven’t had an issue. My iMovie app picks up everything that I have in my iTunes library on my iPad. You’re saying that’s not the case with you?

  8. dankradsud says:

    I have one question. Can you put your music in the video that you want? i cant…

  9. ChungsArt44 says:

    can you import bits of youtube videos into the movie on the ipad version?

  10. dsann1997 says:

    I don’t have any $ on iTunes but plan on getting some. I was in love with windows movie maker and this looks a lot better

  11. jesbu1 says:

    hey there is a way to put videos from your camera into itunes and on imovie. You gotta import to your pc, then connect ur ipad. Then you click on the ipad, and click on photos (its a tab for syncing). And then choose the folder where your videos are, and click sync videos. Then sync and done

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