Introduction to HTML Tutorial 3

Introduction to HTML Tutorial 3 Like us on Facebook Follow us on Google+: Follow me on Twitter: @mlassoff Udemy Course: From Learn To Program dot TV (LearnToProgram.TV) this is lesson three of our HTML / XHTML course. In this tutorial, the hr (horizontal rule) tag is first demonstrated. Following the hr tag demonstration, HTML formatting tags including big, small, strong, em, and blockquote are discussed. To learn HTML you need a web browser and a text editor– both of which come with any Windows or Macintosh Machine. This course is part of the larger Introduction to HTML course. You may purchase a High resolution video and the exercise files and LearnToProgram.TV. Long time instructor, Mark Lassoff hosts the video and course.
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17 responses to “Introduction to HTML Tutorial 3”

  1. Matt McGuire says:

    you would think that someone teaching you how to make websites would have a better website

  2. cashjamesPremium1 says:

    since this is a Mark Up Language is it really a programming language ??? either way since your name is mark too, it really ties in with you well !!! you was made for this !!!!

  3. tutorialcasts says:

    Great place to start for beginners

  4. retarturtle says:

    i use dreamweaver it shows ur design next to the code

  5. howtocreatewebsite says:

    This video inspires me with to tackle this myself. Thanks

  6. diskjockee says:

    Your videos are great but the last 2 I watch said towards the end “oops this video is too long for youtube” and you can go watch it on your site? REALLY? WHERE on the site? it’s getting kind of annoying because i got to the website and can’t find anything associated with this specific video!

  7. Showcaseitems says:

    I am really enjoying your tutorials, You are an awesome instructor. Thank you!

  8. mitou1616 says:

    Pretty Cool! Appreciate it!

  9. MrLomca says:

    Notepad THE BEST editor For HTML 🙂

  10. kevorkohanes says:

    Guys use note pad ++ it has awesome stuff

  11. ArabianCracker says:

    i have see all 3 tuts and yes you are Awesome and would like to more and more ( iam in the site now ) Thank You
    Best Regards
    Subscribed 😉

  12. anc13ntr4ng1 says:

    here bro. learn scripting its all web designing is

  13. anc13ntr4ng1 says:

    that coffecup program works SOOOOO HELPFULLY…you can preview your work with just a click of a tab. THANKS BRO@@@ 😀

  14. djhimel says:


    i wanna a web developer. where i start from?

  15. matthewd999 says:

    how do you put videos and pictures on

  16. LearnToProgramDotTV says:

    Thank you for the warm feedback

  17. fedde115 says:

    This is has helped me tremendously . Thank you !!!!!!
    Great Job!!!!

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