13 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS5)

13 - Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS5)

Description: If you would like to download this completed website along with the framework and resources (images and JavaScript) used to create the site with…
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23 responses to “13 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS5)”

  1. paradiseonearthsoon says:

    You are a great teacher but I am having a problem when I follow your instructions on the wrapper doing the css code the image does not centralize on the design view nothing happens. Also in the htlm code a table appears in the design window when entering the code for the logo the nav the banner etc. I notice that on yours these tables do not appear. When doing the css code nothing on the design window changes. Please help me sort this out as I love your design of this website. Thank you

  2. Calvert Boer says:

    how does one set the wrapper to stick to the top of the browser? help please

  3. helderkx says:

    can anyone send me the source code…im having a error and cand find it…
    pls send it here helder_quim@hotmail.com

  4. createthenet says:

    the code seems right, it could be other codes affect it.

  5. createthenet says:

    try #wrapper { margin:20px auto; }

  6. createthenet says:

    yes should be background-color

  7. Dieter kuchenmeister says:

    #Social-Media-icons ul il {display:inline;}
    #Social-Media-icons ul { margin-top:30px;}
    look at this put out li in the second line

  8. amo1000 says:

    In line 122 of your styles.css you put “thead, th { background: #ccc; }” – but is that a mistake and meant to be “thead, th { background-color: #ccc; }” ?

  9. Felician Galgau says:

    Americanii creeaza website-uri, olandezii construiesc masini zburatoare, italienii fac autostrade moderne…SISTEMUL DIN ROMANIA…manipuleaza calculatoarele, intercepteaza telefoanele, manipuleaza oamenii…SISTEM DICTATORIAL FASCIST…tiganii Uniunii Europene…GUNOAIE FASCISTE….SABOTORI NENOROCITI

  10. botshelo phoenix says:


  11. ZaebaliVseNikiVziali says:

    Hello,can you tell why my margin in #logo do not affects logo,but affects #wrapper?Did everything by your example,checked the code hundred times,everything’s good there,but margin appears not for logo but outside wrapper and in css it’s likie this
    #outer { width: 995px; margin: 0 auto; background-color:#FFF;

    #wrapper { width: 955px; margin: 0 auto;

    #logo { margin:30px 0px;

  12. Maarten de Groot says:

    Hey man great video! But centering the webpage is not working for me. If I preview my webpage in IE9 its still on the left side of the page, any suggestions? I have linked my html to css, and said the wrapper to center: #wrapper { margin:20 auto; }
    On all browsers its working but not in IE9..

  13. Tayo Onabule says:

    i flippin love you man

  14. createthenet says:

    it is li not il

  15. ravcampbell says:

    Does anyone know the screen resolution for the monitor being used in this video? Please help.

  16. omar samir says:

    why its not working with me
    #Social-Media-icons ul il {display:inline;}
    #Social-Media-icons ul il { margin-top:30px;}

  17. Young SKITTZo says:

    i love you , u deserve a million subs

  18. NoamTube says:

    Why are my pictures appearing below the wrapper? I can’t get it to extend down. It’s just getting cut off right below the navigation list.

  19. ZaebaliVseNikiVziali says:

    Very useful videos!But in this one you haven’t really explained how to remove dots from unordered list,they just disappeared in your video

  20. Mohamad Abboud says:

    I didn’t require to create the outer div since you can add padding from the inside of the container which gave me the white space without creating an extra container

  21. patrick1989PL says:

    I know it’s maybe too late, but to the others: did you closed wrappers div tag, and other tags?

  22. mantis261979 says:

    thank your videos are great you have saved me a lot of hours…XD

  23. NoamTube says:

    Why does my image only center when I click on “Live View?” In the “Design” window without “Live View” enabled, the image stays to the left. Will that make a difference when uploading the site?

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