Lightroom 4 retouching tutorial Photo # 1

Lightroom 4 retouching tutorial Photo # 1 In this video we will start exploring all the new options of Lightroom 4, retouching a photo shot right into the sun. If you want to see all the other 4 videos you can download them on your Ipad and Iphone, here is the link : All other tutorials here :
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13 responses to “Lightroom 4 retouching tutorial Photo # 1”

  1. shameboy2 says:

    nice tut but the before and after click the YY button 

  2. MrLochrecan says:

    Désolé, mais je ne comprends pas quelques choses (it’s been quite a long time since I don’t practice French hehehe). In English, all the tutos you offer on the first link in the description are for Lr 3, but this tuto is for Lr 4. I want to make sure the tutos I pay for are for Lr 3 and not 4.

  3. barnabas400 says:

    Thanks man thats awesome, learnt so much. All the big questions i had r answered

  4. peb717 says:

    Awesome video. Thanks for the great help provided with this tutorial.

  5. NailgunDeath says:

    This is the first video that was actually a help. Thanks!!!

  6. BartsBeatz says:

    is it me or could the volume of your voice me a little louder.

  7. BartsBeatz says:

    yeah, that reason being lack of money, at least thats my case. 

  8. Dinahhs3 says:

    Oops helpfull

  9. Dinahhs3 says:

    Thanks very helpfully

  10. MadThingz says:

    for some reason i refuse to use adobe :s even though i like them alot :/

  11. PuPPeteX says:

    It’s going to be like pluto. HAHAHAHAHA! xD

  12. watchhearenjoy says:

    Is the original image you use in this video is formatted PNG. Why i can’t open png in lightroom 4.

  13. LightingComposition says:

    Wow i’ve learned much from this video

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