Web 2.0 Style Box / Icon: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Web 2.0 Style Box / Icon: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

In this Illustrator Tutorial we will be using Illustrator CS4 to draw this nice little 3D box which can easily be edited for use in tons of different ways! The beauty of this box is that it is all vector and very easy to use in a wide number of different editing programs! We will take a look at mapping artwork, using the 3D effect, effects in general, creating a reflection, and a bit of masking as well. A bunch of cool stuff to learn as we build a nice little box! Be sure to check out www.tutvid.com Check out the blog @ http
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10 responses to “Web 2.0 Style Box / Icon: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial”

  1. AnwaBigJoe says:

    hey all, check my channel for some illustrator tutorials, not trying to spam just help people.

  2. Laurent Cluet says:

    very nice tutorial again, thanks.

  3. kamal admou says:

    I did not understand this point, how to hide the upper Bug tried but did not work please explain at this point

  4. slokker56 says:

    just do what he does at 2:30 onwards. check the “draw hidden faces” option

  5. Jackieluluz says:

    I can’t see groups in layer

  6. Mifas100 says:

    nice video, but your voice is only coming from the left for me

  7. SamAndTrent says:

    Can someone help me with the Ellipse Tool?
    Is there a way to make a circle with black lines but no inside?
    Please help me, im trying to erase something intersecting it but it just makes nasty bland lines that stay connected.

  8. thestrobaster says:

    07:10 I didn’t get that ):

  9. AwsmUsername says:

    The only mistake is the reflection. Nice tut tho.

  10. Majid Ali says:

    Wonderful. Great Job. And thanks alot. Its really a great effort. appreciate it.

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