WordPress Tutorial – Edit a Sidebar File Using a Text Editor

WordPress Tutorial - Edit a Sidebar File Using a Text Editor

This Advanced-level WordPress tutorial shows how to download, edit and upload a WordPress theme sidebar file (sidebar.php) using FTP software and a text editor. This is considered an advanced WordPress tutorial because you work with the files for the WordPress theme. You do not use the WordPress Dashboard in this tutorial. The tutorial assumes you know how to setup and use FTP software on your computer so that you can download and upload the sidebar file. It also assumes you know how to open a text file like sidebar.php using a text editor. On a PC, common text editors are Notepad and Wordpad. On a Mac, the default text editor is TextEdit. A good Macintosh text editor for HTML and PHP files is BBEdit.
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3 responses to “WordPress Tutorial – Edit a Sidebar File Using a Text Editor”

  1. mcbuzzvideo says:

    Thanks for noting this. I need to redo the video. I’m not sure why this one came out so low in volume. The video was done before dynamic widgets were added to most WordPress themes. But it’s still good know know how to edit your sidebar.php files.

  2. StevesAcousticGuitar says:

    Good video, but please check video volume before uploading….Audio way too low..

  3. hymntonight says:

    Why is this crap so darn complicated (not your tutorial, I mean WordPress itself)? Can’t WordPress come up with something simpler already?

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