Photoshop Basics – Layers

Photoshop Basics - Layers

Another Photoshop tutorial about layers. ————————————– Links ★ Follow me on Twitter – ★ ★ Like me of Facebook – ★ Shows ► Photoshop Basics – ► Minecraft: Xbox Edition – ► FIFA 12 With Friends – ► CastleMiner Z – ► Call of Duty: Black Ops – ► Skyrim – ► Terraria – Tags (Ignore) photoshop tutorial cs5 cs4 cs3 adobe help “how to” layers delete new create spudmonkee “step by step”
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4 responses to “Photoshop Basics – Layers”

  1. kiransymab says:

    Whats the intro aong

  2. Tulanir1 says:

    Different tools have different “modes” if you wanna call it so. Some tools have little arrows in the lower right corner, so if you hold down the left mouse button on those you can see what other tools or “modes” you can select.

  3. Pabloatree says:

    Stupid question but.. how come my left side doesnt have a paint tool? Where can I go to add it? THanks

  4. TechStartd says:

    Glad they help and 😮 I’m not too sure, a friend of mine made it for me :L

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