Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Object Expand Feature

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Object Expand Feature – In this video I demonstrate how to use the object expand feature in Adobe Illustrator to create outline (fill) shapes around your logo. A cool feature that you might use when creating logos.
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13 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Object Expand Feature”

  1. jagjagin says:

    haha he’s doing it the beginner’s way

  2. bbrandonfret says:

    i can’t figure out how to message you on this mike, but could you explain to me how to do a border around the logo like it is on
    calistarclothing it is a website for a clothingbrand

  3. Bharat Kumar Gupta says:

    hey mike once again i m very thankful for all these videos that i can access for free, it is helping me a lot, god bless man!

  4. Bharat Kumar Gupta says:

    it looks awesome man, i m a huge fan for typography and font logos.

  5. SteveTheDesignGuy says:

    Too much work. Just do an offset path

  6. danmohajBOOYAH says:

    What programe would you recommend for beginners?

  7. MoosGraffiti says:

    Hey buddy, this is a pretty obvious solution. (amazing end result none the less) but there has got to be a way to create a path around ur image a uniform distance away from the vector. A simple outline kind of floating around ur image. Of course you would be able to then fill it as you did. I’m still looking! This technique you used wouldn’t work do well on let’s say.. A complex character with many layers.

  8. Michael Cerovac says:

    Mike, you know what you are? YOU’RE GREAT! I myself have a Web Development & Branding company, and have learned a lot from your video’s! Thanks!

  9. underclass29 says:

    Another great tutorial thanks!

    I am looking for an a to z of common photoshop techniques, the basic stuff that web designs would be expected to know so I can apply to certain offices with the required knowledge.

    Any advice or site’s you know of?

  10. alingkingking says:

    thanks for sharing

  11. mlwebco says:

    The font I used for this logo is Myriad Pro (Bold). But I tweaked the corners a bit to make them round. Basically, I used Myriad Pro (bold), then I converted text to outlines, then used the pathfinder pallet along with the pen tool to tweak the corners.

  12. iliescosmin says:

    Hello Michael.
    I was wondering, could you please upload your fonts pack ?
    Please so much 🙂
    Would be awesome

  13. Kevin Montgomery says:

    what font it that ?

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