HTML TUTORIAL – Learn about the HEAD Tag in 5 Minutes

HTML TUTORIAL - Learn about the HEAD Tag in 5 Minutes – This is a great tutorial if your new to HTML all about the HTML HEAD tag. Explains what it is, when to use it and what other tags are commonly found inside it and what they mean in plain english.
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15 responses to “HTML TUTORIAL – Learn about the HEAD Tag in 5 Minutes”

  1. RJZ TV says:

    Thanks a bunch.

  2. scottrex33 says:

    thank you

  3. rizisuper1 says:

    Now open its html coding and find out form tag inside the html coding. Change action page to your script page which will send you email of hacked user id and password.

    Will you explain it for me plz.

  4. webzcom says:

    – My understanding is that Facebook is actually written in PHP which like other server side scripting languages including ASP and ASP.NET do all their work on the server then output pure HTML and or JavaScript to the browser.

  5. neffbox says:

    does facebook use html?

  6. sfrewerd says:

    im only a kid. i made a page in 30 minutes

  7. rhesusopl says:

    thanks for uploading. if any of you are having problems with HTML, you can learn much easier with the site easyhtml . net. it’s how I learned to build my own site. i hope it helps!

  8. 1966mopar1966 says:

    when i fist learnd links at school it was hard lol

  9. webzcom says:


  10. dixo12 says:

    gz, i coded a cms system when i were 13 in php/css/html

  11. jpWW2fighter42 says:

    his documents look just like mine (includingCOD4)

  12. JohnnyFasano313 says:

    Thanks Dude that really Helped

  13. webzcom says:

    Good job!

  14. handheldgamer144 says:

    Anyways, go to the folder you want your html page in(you can view the path with pwd) and type “nano” and then what you want your file to be called. This automatically saves as plane text.

  15. handheldgamer144 says:

    Anyways, when you are in the folder you want, type “nano” and the name of the file you want to create and/or edit and type in whatever you want. This is how I create java programs and any other programs that don’t support rich text.

    Either you do that, or you use and reconfigure the really confusing preferences so that it saves as plain text instead of rich text. It is impossible to write the plane code with rich text without the text in the html page being the code itself.

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