CSS Tutorial #1 Basic Burst fire

CSS Tutorial #1 Basic Burst fire

Basic Counter Strike Source Burst fire Tutorial. TY FOR ALL OF YOU WHO APPRECIATE MY WORK!! Basic burst fire tutorial on the m4 and ak

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23 responses to “CSS Tutorial #1 Basic Burst fire”

  1. Gal Brook says:

    how did you putted a moving skin in the game?

  2. distoola says:


  3. DjzEror says:

    maybe he made it too ppl’s that dont know how to play. it is called tutorial for a reason -.-

  4. Fuzzlets100 says:

    i go a skin and it only shoots 1 bullet per mouse clip and the cross hairs are very close together

  5. MrAnton2202961 says:

    Stupid thing to make a video about :s

  6. HDLayzz says:

    SQEAKY! =D

  7. TheIIApocalypseII says:

    maybe thats because the vid is 4 years old? dumb ass

  8. ThePcfriends says:


  9. BeamingSplendor says:

    Does this apply to any weapon?

  10. Simo Lallier says:

    Actually I can kill allot of people with M4A1 – silencer spraying!

  11. mr88eatmyshorts says:


  12. 9LivesDeuce4L says:

    I’m MID skilled, just watched this for fun xD i can hit with spray each shot almost ^^

  13. nomanabid48 says:

    If you want to learn about basics of css so please watch this video and learn.
    Today i am watched this video and learn about basics of css..
    Thanks for sharing with all members…

  14. joa1235555 says:

    Sorry dude but your bad at aiming / showing how to aim , u aim like i did for 5 years ago o.0 , please go learn to aim 🙂

  15. xCronicle says:


  16. koobz21 says:

    ive never gotten a spray kill when i was aiming directly at the enemy (with the ak)

  17. Mathieu Parrot says:

    sv_showimpacts 1*

  18. Mathieu Parrot says:

    You could use sv_whowimpact 1 if you want to make it easy. ?

  19. wc3nExiZi says:

    your suppose to drag your mouse down when you burst and spray.

  20. Clovitox2476 says:

    yes it its.. i hce cl_crosshairscale 99999 doesnt move,small

  21. innostreammp3 says:

    you can control spraying if u know the spraying pattern its pretty easy

  22. superoverlord123 says:

    thanks and nice vid btw

  23. hybrdsnipr says:

    you gotta type this in now cl_legacy_crosshair_scale 1, once you do that you can change your cross hair scale to what ever suites you. i have mine set at 3000

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