3ds Max Tutorial Part 9: Geometry – Extrude, Bevel and Chamfer

3ds Max Tutorial Part 9: Geometry - Extrude, Bevel and Chamfer

Hi and welcome back to the 3ds Max series for beginners. In part 9 I will show you 3 more modeling commands. This is where the fun comes in. Extruding, beveling, and chamfering opens up a whole new world in 3D modeling. From here, you can combine all the modeling techniques together to pretty much make whatever you want. Just takes practice at this point. *I model a noobish plane/jet in this video just to open your eyes to the tools in your hands now. Of course this jet is no where close to “amazing 3D modeling” work…but its a start for beginners. Try it yourself…see what you can make. LINKS: Twitter: www.Twitter.com VvPhonevV www.YouTube.com VvAnimatorvV www.YouTube.com JerryGames www.YouTube.com Make Some Extra Money Online: www.CashCrate.biz

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13 responses to “3ds Max Tutorial Part 9: Geometry – Extrude, Bevel and Chamfer”

  1. jayprayag says:

    Wow! With what an exceptional ease you explain! Hats off to you. Oh boy! never imagined 3ds max can be that simple. (Only because you). Hope you’ll post many more tuts like this.God Bless you.

  2. ken gulmatico says:

    its nice sir.

  3. Jaylow JoLin says:

    how did you select 3 at the same time before going to extrude polygons?

  4. nisetoan says:

    subscribed. thanks for your work!

  5. magica2z says:

    Awesome tutorial.. thanks dude..

  6. Daxster1995 says:

    Great tutorials. The way you show how to do things so expressively is great and really fun to watch. On top of that, I think the viewer actually learns to use the tools a lot better this way.

  7. mart smit says:

    download link ? 😀

  8. AdiBacea says:

    Very nice man! thanks!

  9. edwin11373 says:

    LOL, didn’t I say I don’t know about animation? I’m just modelling right now. When I get to the point when I’m comfortable with modelling I’ll go to my next goal: Lighting. Then, animation.

  10. ruezart says:

    Speaking of modeling, what do you suggest for modeling a worm or snake like creature where you can animate the head going in one direction with hair flowing with the movement and the rest of the long body wiggling in different directions. Is this a job for bones? I tried it with a spline but did not get the control.

  11. ruezart says:

    Thanks very much. Yes NewBoston has great material! It’s amazing on the range of subjects he covers. Any of Steve Nelle’s tuts are also worth the time. He is available via Lynda.com and some of his work is here on YouTube too. Keep up the great work!

  12. edwin11373 says:

    Honestly, I haven’t gotten around the animation department yet. I’ve put off the animation part for later and right now I’m obsessively learning all about modelling first. Although, I’ve found another great animation tutorial for beginners. The name of the video is: 3Ds Max Tutorial – 21 – Animation. It was made by uploader @thenewboston. Good luck.

  13. ruezart says:

    Thank you. Is is possible with edit poly to animate the moving of one or more selected vertices? Likewise, can I animate the movement of a selected poly. I’m trying this but do not see any key frames appearing.

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