How To: iMovie – Editing Audio

How To: iMovie - Editing Audio

Charles Heureaux is an American Film Producer, Cinematographer & Editor. He currently serves as the Creative Director for Sky Life Media creating promotional videos for Miguel A. Nunez Jr., All-American Rejects, Brandy Moss-Scott, MC Magic,, Doritos, Bluetooth and a few other talents/brands. As requested by youtube/TheLaurenHarper, here is part 2 of a 3 part tutorial. In this tutorial, Charles Heureaux will teach iMovie user a basic understanding of editing audio content in iMovie 11. Follow Charles Heureaux Here For video production inquiries, contact or (202) 495-1122 for video, filming, video editing, special effects, live events, or online promotions.

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14 responses to “How To: iMovie – Editing Audio”

  1. Andrew Colon says:

    wht the name of the edit thing i want to downloud it

  2. jose martinez says:

    great serious

  3. g20703 says:

    How do you mix audio and video tracks from multiple programs on iMovie? For example, adding an Audacity file into iMovie and editing it from there.

  4. chantale Escobar says:

    i am working importing an image, (red outlined circle that shows what im highlighting in the video). i saved the image as a png, but wheni bring the image into iMovie, it wont let me scale the image down so that its not huge on the screen.. how can i scale it down?

  5. jillianbelche says:

    How do you add pictures in the video

  6. Blazeingheart says:

    dude thanks took on a big assignment at school not even knowing how to use it this really helped

  7. CharlesHeureaux says:

    I would gladly be able to assist you. Please send inquiry to

  8. mpaz48mo says:

    If I were to send you 4 videos of me playing 4 different instruments, would you pull it all together in 1 video for me? I would gladly pay you for your work and expertise, Michael.

  9. Rory Humphries says:

    If you insert a music clip so it plays during the whole movie, can you get it so you skip out the first part of the song but the music still plays from the first clip in your video?

  10. MrDjJboy says:

    good video but everybody shows how to add a song onto the video. but i want a verse of a song that plays at the end of the song playing at the begining of my video please help

  11. luigamefan says:

    This helped me out so much thanks. Just need a mic now for less background noise and more of my voice! I’m doing sound developing for the film industry and watching this is very familiar. In the audio region not the video editing. Haha thanks again.

  12. CharlesHeureaux says:

    I use Camtasia from Tech Smith. You can use a 30day trial or buy it for $99.

  13. somethought says:

    how do you record over video from your laptop? Like if I have a video of me biking and I want to narrate?

  14. GratefulOldSoul says:

    Hi Charles. Im trying to get the eq on the audio once your in inspector. Could you tell me what I have to do to get that?

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