After Effects Tutorial – 5 – Editing the Animation Path

After Effects Tutorial - 5 - Editing the Animation Path

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11 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – 5 – Editing the Animation Path”

  1. aNdReSkKkK says:

    can you please post sammy psd file?

  2. BelgianPwnage says:

    GREAT videos man ! You really helped me out ! I followed a tutorial from bur
    T these guys could learn something from you bro 😀

  3. electromagnetic10 says:

    hey thanks for teaching me how to after effect videos!!! now i can make great videos because of YOU

  4. slapshot1x says:

    Nice job on the tutorials…

  5. Dzezminable says:

    @pedrao15 can u make screen shoot since im rly begginer at it and i cant find it tnx m8 :))

  6. pedrao15 says:

    make sure to press the little cronometrer

  7. Dzezminable says:

    @ thenewboston Can u help me i cant see dot sequence betwen keyframes… :S
    plz answer me as soon as possible 🙂

  8. GoodGamerDude says:

    Sammy is my homey and thanks for Sammy and theses videos

  9. gonrolgonrol says:

    You’ll need two keyframes for making an object stick to one place for a couple of seconds between movement. First one that makes the object be placed in the wanted position then a second that is a copy of the first that is put a couple of seconds later.

  10. landy1337 says:

    I can’t figure out a way to hold an object in place and then move it again a few seconds later? if i make another key frame it continues moving constantly.

  11. kojax98 says:

    man, can you please use “uuummmm” a little less times:D

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