After Effects Tutorial: Trapcode Particular Logo Dissolve

After Effects Tutorial: Trapcode Particular Logo Dissolve

Follow me on Twitter: Watch on Vimeo: – In this After Effects video tutorial we learn how to dissolve a logo or text using the Trapocde Particular v2 Plugin from Red Giant. Plugin Required: Trapcode Particular v2 from Red Giant. Extra Tags: “adobe” “after effects” “tutorial” “trapcode” “particular” “logo reveal” “after effects template” “after effects projects” “after effects cs5” “cs5 after effects” “after effects download” “after effects cs4” “after effects cs3” “after effects tutorial”

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14 responses to “After Effects Tutorial: Trapcode Particular Logo Dissolve”

  1. Evan Kenny says:

    Trapcode Particular is a plug-in for After Effects made by Red Giant Software.

  2. leo1996 says:

    Thanks! Was pretty useful, but I wish he’d explain the options like the octaves more than telling us the exact number so that we’re able to make our online logo the way we want it. Still, it’s a great help! Thumbs up!

  3. Troy John Bradillo says:

    download trapcode ..

  4. TheDeadPixels22 says:

    It’s an plug-in i belive

  5. karni60 says:


  6. DAxBUSHx says:

    I don’t have trapcode (particles) in my aftereffects!! Help somebody!!

  7. mohammed amine says:

    thanks man i like it and i did it two

  8. FalseTruth4210 says:

    for some reason it wont create a “Layer Emit” Layer , the layer with the light bulb. What am i doing wrong. When i add particular, the layer emit doesnt show up . Plz help

  9. tyutje says:

    you are AWESOME!!!!!

  10. Nicolas Rincon says:

    So helpful and fast! Thanks!

  11. xAktive says:

    love it man

  12. DGEDITZ says:


  13. Aroena98 says:

    thx this was very usefull!

  14. LiquidPixelDesigns says:

    How about revealing the logo with particles instead of removing it with them. Is that easy to do using this tutorial?

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