Dreamweaver CS4/CS5 Tutorial – Styling Text in CSS

Dreamweaver CS4/CS5 Tutorial - Styling Text in CSS

Today we are going to be looking at a CSS Dreamweaver tutorial {CS3 CS4 cs5}. We are going to learn how to style text without having to create a new CSS rule every time. It is surprisingly easy and will save you a lot of time! Styling Text in a webpage is very important, but having to make a new rule every time you want to style somethnig isn’t! So hopefully this quick tip Dreamweaver tutorial will help you all out 🙂 We are using the targeted rule: new inline style, which will ultimatily save us a whole lot of time. If you are a beginner to dreamweaver, I hope you found this tutorial before going through all the rugged hard ways!! If so, leave a comment letting me know how you got on. My Website: ZeTutorials.tk Subscribe bit.ly Thanks to everyone who subscribed, make sure to leave a comment below on how you got on….. — How to style text in dreamweaver cs3 cs4 cs5 Styling text in html and css Dreamweaver Css & Html tutorial Changing Text Font, Size, color —
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10 responses to “Dreamweaver CS4/CS5 Tutorial – Styling Text in CSS”

  1. Joseph Yeomans says:

    Cheers for that mate, I got CSS rules coming out of my ears on the CSS styles window…

  2. Dominic Hare says:

    Don´t be lazy and take the 15min it takes to understand CSS!
    —> give the title a tag (H1), then create a rule (for H1), everything H1 will be styled
    —> when making rules save as external style sheet so you can re-attach to every page and change all H1 elements site wide (I made a save all shortcut F6 to save the html page and css file)
    Download a free CSS template and have a look whats going on..

  3. rspprodinc says:

    Can you add a stroke to text using this method?

  4. Hottfuzz says:

    I just watched this video over and over just for your accent…

  5. nravari1 says:

    thanks for sharing!

  6. FredSpaghetti says:

    Thanks for making and posting this. The crazy thing is in Dreamweaver CS3 and earlier.. this level of ease was just automatic! You could just highlight text and format it however you liked without even touching CSS. I understand that for more advanced users it is good to use CSS.. but I think Adobe should allow the switching between different modes or something.

  7. bitterwithoutu says:

    Love this work around CSS tip! Thanks.

  8. william wiles says:

    sweet you just save my life

  9. Andrykie1 says:

    i have an question…. If you use a different font, which is not available on any other computers, will this method embed the text to the website?

  10. tubmasterflex says:

    saved my life. thank you sir

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