All Green Screen iMovie Issues Resolved Tutorial (Tut. 3 of 13)

All Green Screen iMovie Issues Resolved Tutorial (Tut. 3 of 13)

Read Description Part 2: So apparently I have two fans: those that like action shorts and those that like my iMovie tutorials. Well, here are both. This tutorial explains problems and solutions to iMovie09 green screen issues that others and I have come across. The two problems are “ghost/shadow” images and the second is loss of vividness of the image when using a green screen. These may not solve all your issues, but it is a start. The green screen stuff I found (like the bullet) is just on youtube or the Internet. Search it. Let me know what you find out. Leave a comment below and I or someone else will answer it when able. — How to Remove Black Backgrounds (aka key our black backgrounds) Multiple Picture in Picture in iMovie Tutorial All iMovie Green Screen problems resolved and explained The Best iMovie Sniper Scope Special Effect Tutorial You Will Find Even More Green Screen Help with Position and Location and Slow-mo Bullet Tutorial Great, Easy, and Simple 3D animation program tutorial Action Essentials Tutorial iMovie fully in-depth Coming Soon iMovie muzzle flash using Action Essentials 2
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18 responses to “All Green Screen iMovie Issues Resolved Tutorial (Tut. 3 of 13)”

  1. AL00ZER says:

    Films are big files. To me 2GB is completely normal for a 3 minute video. This tutorial is about green screens, so I am going to assume your video has green screen elements. If I were you, I would make a separate video project to just work on the green screen special effects. Once the green screen segment is the way you like, put that segment into your final project. Ask again if you have more questions.

  2. codisilver says:

    Hi. About exporting: with iMovie, which are the parameters I should set if I don’t want a 10 minutes’ film to weigh 2 Gb?

  3. 2ndL00ZER says:

    Happy to help! Hugs can be best received via a courier. 🙂

  4. 2ndL00ZER says:

    yay! so happy to help! Both my youtube channels have all the iMovie tutorials you will need! 🙂

  5. IIISimpleIII says:

    this tutorial has saved my day!

  6. MMJZAgius says:

    added the vignette effect to a green screen clip to make it natural and it worked.
    please give me your address. i owe u a hug.

  7. AL00ZER says:

    start watching at around 7:15 that should help. I did remake this tutorial because some people thought it was not clear, so watch this one instead

  8. minidudejack says:

    3:53 how do i sort this problem help please

  9. CrudeRuud says:

    Thanks dude, the export/replace trick really works and you saved me from a huge headache!! Kudos.

  10. AL00ZER says:

    correct. There is a “natural green” color, but what I am trying to get across is the fact that this green screen is not a a computer generated green screen. iMovie works differently for the two.

  11. AL00ZER says:

    Watch part two. (link in description) My second channel will have the new iMovie green screen tutorials coning out this Friday.

  12. rydashmovies says:

    how did you do the bullet fly by zip thingy at 0:13?

  13. MattFilmPro says:

    Dude there is another color that is a natural green

  14. AL00ZER says:

    yes, watch part 2 for green screen overlay positioning (link in description)

  15. yobroyo101 says:

    you also could just fiddle around with the video preferences on the video… Do you know how to position the green screen overlay

  16. 2ndL00ZER says:

    I will be getting paid to release iMovie11 tutorials every 2 weeks starting in March 23rd. I have a schedule to uphold and it is already submitted. If I remember correctly, iMovie11 introduction is April. Advance use of Picture-n-picture in May. Green-screen intro/basics in June. Advance Green-Screen in July. Muzzleflares in August. I can’t remember the rest, but it goes through December. I can always help you until then through messages. But yah, the “2ndL00ZER” tutorials rock!

  17. J SKILLZ says:

    Ok thanks I’ll try that in the meantime and see what happens.. When do you plan to release the remake?

  18. AL00ZER says:

    start watching after 8:00
    Basically you do a double export and apply the footage twice. This is just a pilot episode, I will be sure to be more clear about this issue in my remake. Remake will be on my second channel called “2ndL00ZER”

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