Real Time Text Input Filter tutorial Program Textarea Javascript HTML Tutorial

Real Time Text Input Filter tutorial Program Textarea Javascript HTML Tutorial

Lesson Code: In this Javascript programming lesson you can learn Real-Time Filtering of Text Input. You can learn how to program real time strict text fields that will strip or replace unwanted characters from the field as the user types. Using the search or replace String object methods in Javascript along with the RegExp object gives us a wide of logic possibilities in our Javascript pattern matching with regular expressions.
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13 responses to “Real Time Text Input Filter tutorial Program Textarea Javascript HTML Tutorial”

  1. ezekielthemack says:

    It’s Dreamweaver

  2. ExoSkeleton54321 says:

    can anyone tell me what text editor he’s using… thanks 🙂

  3. rockhopper123452 says:

    hey flashbuilding how can i create a searchbar that connects to a database such as phpmyadmin and can be customized in the appearence in the form and the searchresults page thanks

  4. Gilbert Bigelow says:

    I like you teaching style. Very clear, informative and a bit funny. Good Stuff!

  5. orangeblossom2 says:

    Hi….I have a quick question on one of your older tutorials, from your website and here. I tried to write you a message, and not able to send it. I have to be a ‘buddy.’ With that said, I found your most recent, and hope you don’t mind me asking here. I wanted to know, from learning your flash cms….how to incorporate the flash site with it….or any site with it. You teach how to make the flash cms, and then a site. But how you put them together. Thanks! 🙂

  6. jdamage68 says:

    Hey guys I need an Android Developer to help me with coding my app.. Or to make the whole thing for me.. I use Android AS3 PHP Mysql.. If you can help me.. I would soo much appreciate it.. I have 70% of the app done.. inbox me with info..

  7. OnlyGaruda says:

    excellent as always

  8. ren642653 says:

    could maybe show us how to make a random num generator that dusnt repeat numbers?

  9. ImHereForPearlJamVid says:

    they’re still at it?? for the life of me i cannot understand how anyone can give you crap. F’em.

  10. Adam Khoury says:

    Glad you find it useful partner… I am using it on my new community site that I am dabbling with.

  11. Adam Khoury says:

    no problem thanks for the feedback

  12. Adam Khoury says:

    right on

  13. Adam Khoury says:


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