Part 46 C# Tutorial Enums Example

Part 46   C# Tutorial   Enums Example

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4 responses to “Part 46 C# Tutorial Enums Example”

  1. Akiii Lethal says:

    Why do you have a method gender(Gender gender) ? I think it is not called ?

  2. Rio Yudha says:

    Hi, venkat , is that we always give the value from enum through switch or if statements?

  3. Kunal Singh says:

    Hi, Venkat… Can we provide input to an Enum through console while running the code? If yes, How?

  4. zeroxx131 says:

    Maybe he kept the method for the fact that he can define a default case in the event the gender is not Male, Female, or Unknown? That’s the only thing I could think of or he kept it for the sake of showing how you could just replace pieces from the old example and make it work with enums.

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