What are Div Tags? – Dreamweaver Tutorial – CSS & HTML

What are Div Tags? - Dreamweaver Tutorial - CSS & HTML

This is basically just an introduction to the new series of videos that I will be uploading. I will bring you through the steps on how to make a website in HTML and CSS. Here I will be showing you all what div tags are and what they do. Also how to write div tags and the difference between div id’s and div class’s. Make sure you guys subscribe so you won’t miss the series and hopefully you will end up with the same kind of website as me 🙂 Subscribe here: bit.ly Website: zetutorials.tk — Dreamweaver Cs4 tutorial Dreamwevaer CS3 CS5 CS4 8 CS2 What are Div tags and div’s how to use div tags basic tutorial beginner dreamweaver how to style div tags html and & css overview tutorial — Extra Info We will be learning everything that a webdesigner knows. If you are a beginner or an advanced user, I will bring you through each of the steps needed to create a full website. If I do a tutorial and you want to know more just contact me. If you want a tutorial done, PM me and I will do it.

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16 responses to “What are Div Tags? – Dreamweaver Tutorial – CSS & HTML”

  1. Lanexplorer11 says:

    hey Zetutorials which is the pattern size of a website some say 1024 x 768 and others ,what u say me ??

  2. Luke Encrapera says:

    Thanks alot wasnt sure how to style it in the css i was trying like div.wrapper. thank you #wrapper help me so much i can final center my html menu.

  3. nimm17 says:

    i followed your vids and made a simple page in css but one thing i cant get right is my left content any text i put in that div runs and show on top of my right contents when i view it. dont know where i gone wrong. i checked it with your vids about ten times i cant see anything that i done wrong.

  4. Siteezy says:

    Great Video, Thanks for the help!

  5. GamesForLifes999 says:

    Thanks. Really helpful!

  6. KING20007009 says:

    @ZeTutorials can you direct me to a video which explains how to place buttons like @mateointhelv asked – to place buttons ?

  7. Hikarilight24 says:

    Hey very nice tutorials, i have a Q: Is this the only way to make a website without using tables( hate them:) ) I would like my site to look like its many parts that are not conected….sorry for my english xD

  8. Elaine Jones says:

    Great vid. TY for sharing!!

  9. seeba says:

    your tut is very informative, unlike oter video you describe in details what each things ie. wrapper.

  10. Amyr61 says:

    What software do you use for your tutorials?

  11. mateointhelv says:

    That would be so great!! Thanks for the quick response! Really appreciate what you’re doin’ here.

  12. mateointhelv says:

    That would be so great!! Thanks for the quick response! Really appreciate what you’re doin’ here.

  13. mateointhelv says:

    That would be so great!! Thx for the quick response!

  14. ZeTutorials says:

    Sure its on the way 🙂

  15. mateointhelv says:

    I’m very new to web design. Your tuts are great!! Could you explain how to move a Div? I’d like to place one on top of another. Ie: place buttons on top of an image.

  16. ZeTutorials says:

    Good! There are loadsa parts to this series so go ahead and check the others out

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