ARCHITECTURAL TUTORIAL on 3ds Max (part 1- Room)

ARCHITECTURAL TUTORIAL on 3ds Max (part 1- Room)

The first part of the tutorial, creating the room. Subscribe for future updates on this.

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15 responses to “ARCHITECTURAL TUTORIAL on 3ds Max (part 1- Room)”

  1. Acritomedia says:

    I think its the sweep tool you want, :-),, find it in the modifier panel.

  2. UXMAN3DMAX says:

    Sir i donT find the Sleep tool .. can u help me

  3. Sumon Lwin says:

    thanks for ur tutorial.
    it’s clear and easy to learn. really work.

  4. cronostalgico says:

    great tutorial!!

  5. Siddharth Bala says:

    please suggest some beginners tutorial…. me also doin architecture

  6. Samarth lakhotia says:

    The window is not making a hole in the wall! plz help!!

  7. oudeis0 says:

    To fix the sideways window problem in 2012 uncheck the “Hung” box under open window. Thumbs up so everyone can see this please.

  8. raymonde91 says:

    Perfect :D great tutorial

  9. Elsie fun says:

    hi , i love ur tutorial. im new at this so im going to ask some stupid question. i tried to draw the wall and then when i press ‘S’ or just manual click the snap tool the symbol on the grid did not apear and it cant snap to the exact angle too =( a little help ??

  10. 8noctus8 says:

    To increase the amount of horizontal panels use the “# Panels Horiz” control under “Rails and Panels” on the sliding window parameters. And to get your windows vertical just unmark “Hung” under “Open Window” on the sliding window parameters.

  11. KasperAirTechnology says:

    who the hell dislike this ?

  12. FJoannot says:

    I love you ! <3

  13. James Allan says:

    bro u rock

  14. riyazsg7862 says:


  15. Wiil Waal says:

    you can adjust the thinness height or width with the settings on the right once created

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