After Effects Tutorials – How to do HANCOCK Landing (PART 1)

After Effects Tutorials - How to do HANCOCK Landing (PART 1)

The Best Tutorial on how to Landing Like Hancock. Using Adobe After Effects.
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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12 responses to “After Effects Tutorials – How to do HANCOCK Landing (PART 1)”

  1. TheNamesPS3 says:

    My girlfriends calld Tara…. -.-

  2. oscar gonzalez says:

    06:47 There is not working but how?

  3. onetenthhero says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Great job!

    And I think your English is fantastic.

  4. Nodus Us says:

    Just rape you in two things!!!

  5. TheAfterEffectsKid says:

    Him: “I can’t believe I just say bad…My language pretty sucks
    Me: LOL
    But good tutorial

  6. anwar elshenawy says:

    I don’t have pre compose in right click menu pls help.

  7. danys198 says:

    Very nice video.

  8. hoangnhanbt2 says:

    What PC you used for this clip? What your system info? Please

  9. jako123love says:

    Everytime you do that thing you do!

    Omygussh. Youre so cool for listening to that :DD It’s like.. AWESOME. :))

  10. jwpirate says:

    hey speak English

  11. Ronnae1000 says:

    Awesome dude…Thanx!

  12. h1karufayle says:

    oh my God, you are a super hero now XD

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