Rigging Wings in 3ds Max Tutorial (Peregrine Falcon)

Rigging Wings in 3ds Max Tutorial (Peregrine Falcon)

READ IT TILL THE END 🙂 Peregrine Falcon, is a low polygonal model with high details texture , the wings can be folded in few steps . i rigged the model with…

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4 responses to “Rigging Wings in 3ds Max Tutorial (Peregrine Falcon)”

  1. cartoomotion says:

    Peregrine Falcon Has Arrived,

  2. Jaysun Spinks says:

    Tutorial my arse. Misleading dick head.

  3. JunkyViking says:

    how is this a tutorial, you fucking twat ?

  4. KAKU ART says:

    Could you make a tutorial?

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