PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Muscular Male Physique Retouching #16

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Muscular Male Physique Retouching #16

In this video I show you how to retouch a Muscular Male Physique from start to finish covering: Lightroom, Masking, Liquify, Dodge and Burn and much more… …
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12 responses to “PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Muscular Male Physique Retouching #16”

  1. Glyn Dewis says:

    Hey Folks…Episode #16 is now online and this week I go through an entire *Male
    Physique Retouch from start to finish.*

    Lots covered in Lightroom and then into Photoshop: masking, Body Shaping,
    Camera RAW Filter, adding some Punch wth Topaz Labs Clarity Plug In,
    Dodging and Burning, changing composition and more…

    Hope you like it 🙂

    #16 Male Physique Retouch from Start to Finish

  2. MoreChannelNoise says:

    Is a Black model the best example to work with? I would think most of us
    wll be retouching white skin and that would be different is some ways

  3. Miroslaw Gliwa says:

    another great video from +Glyn Dewis packed with lots of useful information

  4. gustavo campos says:

    Great tutorial, mate! Thanks a lot! Any time going to teach us here in the
    continent (Portugal, Spain…)? 🙂

  5. Gabriel Fiallos says:

    thank you ! you have no idea how your videos inspire me and how helpful
    they are thank you

  6. Eddie Rey says:

    Thanks Glyn your videos are great.

  7. Dave Jagger says:

    Once again Glyn – fantastic tutorial – Cheers.

  8. thespamjam says:

    I forget what number podcast this is.

  9. Jordi Solà says:

    Great episode! Lots of useful tricks learned! Thx! 🙂

  10. Glyn Dewis says:

    GREAT idea 🙂

  11. Kater Carlo says:

    watched now completly and I’m still dont know what that blue fly is for.
    Anyway, this video is brilliant! Thanks

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