jQuery Tutorial – 52 – html

jQuery Tutorial - 52 - html

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10 responses to “jQuery Tutorial – 52 – html”

  1. jautrsezis says:

    so handy! ;D

  2. Bubble Princess says:

    Exactly, practice makes perfect. I know people who are like “Yeah, I
    watched all 46 HTML/CSS, 40 JavaScript, 200 jQuery and 200 PHP tutorials,
    I’m a great web developer” so I say “Okay then, make a great website” and
    they don’t know where to start because they haven’t actually done all the
    things that have been taught for themselves.

  3. mojo 7O6 says:

    Learnt PHP from you and now jQuery

  4. Ilya S says:

    @iAmAlascar Sounds like Alex’s mother or something. I don’t know – its
    weird. Maybe someone on the street? Haha – great tutorials, as always…

  5. tarun kalra says:

    Better to practice for mastery

  6. Eli Kim says:

    Watching all 200 doesn’t make a programmer!! Make sure you don’t watch as
    if ya watching TV series…. make sure you implement it!!

  7. Roshan Pal says:

    Alex, you are a great teacher. 🙂

  8. Biosystem Studios says:

    148 to go

  9. Lauro Skr says:

    i watched all 300 jQuery videos.

  10. 1Pitpalacu1 says:

    this works too: $(‘#copy’).html( $(‘#text’).html() ); no need for variable
    to transfer.

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