iMovie Tutorial: Connecting Videos to Produce A Movie

iMovie Tutorial: Connecting Videos to Produce A Movie

No, regular videos aren’t back until Tuesday, internet is still out. But I did upload this though tethering, which costs a bundle on my phone. However, there are many people who are following this tutorial, so I wanted to make sure it was up regularly. This tutorial is using the clips we have from last week and connecting them into a movie. We learn about how to split and join clips etc. Enjoy! If you have questions about the tutorial, comment below or email me!
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5 responses to “iMovie Tutorial: Connecting Videos to Produce A Movie”

  1. Emmanuel Banks says:

    If I understand correctly, you imported a clip, split it in two, and now you’re unable to join them together? Aside from a recommendation of reimporting the video, if you are unable to join the clip, that means there’s a piece of one end of the video(s) was deleted out. Other than that, the clips should have been able to join when you select the clip and click “Clip” > “Join Clip”.

  2. weizhen123 says:

    I removed a specific part from the clip, then the clip is separated into 2 parts, I can’t join both of them together. Please help, I need this for my school project

  3. Matt bialowas says:

    Thank u soo much!!

  4. Emmanuel Banks says:

    I’m guessing you mean to join clips. If that’s the case, you can’t unless they are from the same movie. If they are and the clips were split, then all you have to do is highlight the whole first clip, then click in the top menu bar “Edit” from there click “Join Clip”.

  5. Matt bialowas says:

    But how can u join the parts that u moved in projects together??

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