[HD] 3D Spiral Light Beams: Photoshop Tutorial

[HD] 3D Spiral Light Beams: Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I start with a simple 3D object created in Photoshop and to really show off the 3D nature of this object we will “wrap” it with light, speci…
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20 responses to “[HD] 3D Spiral Light Beams: Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Tsakii says:

    if you use hotkeys don´t you just say those button -,- write them somewhere
    ! i didn´t understand what you are saying -,-

  2. vik nakka says:

    awesome ill try that bro

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Pause it at 1:30 I’m still loling about it 🙂

  4. montyloree says:


  5. Overage2000 says:

    Thank you

  6. TutorialRecords says:

    Nice vid ..

  7. gadget706 says:

    This was great. How did you make the globe/sphere in photoshop. Did u use
    another program and then import it or what?

  8. fishbones99 says:


  9. Nicole nonya says:

    This is a great tutorial! the only problem i have is that im terrible with
    the pen tool in photo shop :/ Lol but great tutorial im gonna keep trying
    till i get it because this has to be the easiest way Ive seen to do those

  10. Overage2000 says:

    wow the quality is amazing!!!! (what format and setting did you use)

  11. sebastianopaopa says:

    cool video, i just add it to my photoshop vid playlist

  12. Caster x Ryuunosuke says:

    There’s a sphere tool, he used. I can’t think of where too get it from the
    top of my head, but I’m pretty sure it’s in layer > (something) > sphere, I
    hope you can find it!

  13. David Knag says:

    how did you make the sphere? tutorial plz?

  14. nbaking2 says:

    the “uhh” sounds Super Werid

  15. Chick6517 says:

    How do you make the video look like that? Lol, can you teach me? I’ve been
    trying to figure out how to do that for the longest time.

  16. twistereli says:

    nothing special as far as i see.. ?

  17. tutvid says:

    I export using Quicktime PRO using the MPEG-4 Video Codec, but saving as a
    Quicktime .mov file at 6400 kbps. 30fps and a keyframe every 24. Those are
    basically my HD (picture) settings. N.

  18. uhohlookwhoshere says:

    You get a much cooler effect if you stroke the path many times: 1) Start
    with a color, i.e. green in this video. 2) Stroke path with a fairly wide
    brush and a dark green. 3) Decrease the brush size slightly and select a
    slightly lighter green. 4) Keep repeating step 3 until you have a stroke
    with a 1px brush which is white. This makes the lines look like they are
    really glowing!

  19. Monalisa Hota says:

    great!. urs was the simplest way of making those spirals. thanks

  20. BoratstronautFilms says:

    how did you record it from your screen?

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