Photoshop Tutorial All about Masking, Vector, Clipping !!

Photoshop Tutorial All about Masking, Vector, Clipping !!

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: Masks are a very essential feature of Photoshop and just too many people are missing out on all of the greatness of masks. Here I have made this video explaining what a mask is and does and I will show you how the mask works, and what you can do with masks! In this Video we cover Layer Bitmap Masks (your basic everyday mask), Vector Masks, and Clipping Masks! Enjoy! Please check out for more, free video tutorials as well as downloads!
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13 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial All about Masking, Vector, Clipping !!”

  1. SomeoneNamedTom says:

    wow you’re videos are so helpful! I think i might subscribe! thanks

  2. Joe Little says:

    Why didn’t you use some examples that we could relate to actual uses? I don’t want to draw big black circles on my beach photos :S

  3. Charleston Cruise says:

    I’m having difficulty on catching his words. Sorry

  4. lithiumtensors1 says:

    image adjustments doesnt work….

  5. jamesplatnum says:

    This is a great video, really good explanation. Thanks so much for making it available!

  6. combshff says:

    Surprise! I quickly upgrade the Photoshop technology tips Web site:

  7. Ullimately says:

    Someone likes to listen to himself talking.

  8. DigiBleach12 says:

    I’m having trouble with making vector masks and curving the lines with the pen tool. Know where I can find a tutorial to explain it more?

  9. misskenj says:

    Great video!
    really helpful…thanks!!

  10. deceivingmage says:

    You idiot viewers the resolution he set it to was a the default Youtube resolution, but is meant for full screen. otherwise it would be widescreen

  11. joeygart says:

    Me too, I do not know much about masking, but I guess it acts just like a mask.

  12. Veggamattic says:

    I still have no idea what a mask is used for?

  13. ramirezhelpsout says:

    I almost didnt view this tutorial. I always read the video responses. To see if the videos are worth watching. The previous video had all kinds of responses on how the vido sucked. Cus it was only 13 seconds. Till I read your post. Thanks! I actually subscribed. Tutvideos has some of the best explained tutorials. !

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